Mid-Year Reflection 

Have you looked at the calendar lately? We are almost at the end of June, which means we are pretty much halfway through 2024. It feels like the Superbowl was yesterday! I’m sure most of you are loving the sunshine and warmer weather, but it is at this time of year that I get excited because autumn, all things pumpkin, and the bright fall colors are coming (I know this is a few months away but, hey, a girl can get excited early). It is also at this time of year that I take time to reflect on my year thus far. In my reflections I have seen God’s hand move not only in my life, but also the lives of others.

Below are some reflections on what God is teaching and showing me in my 2024 thus far. 

This year, I have clearly seen God’s omniscience and provision in my life. This year has been busy for me at work, where I have taken on more responsibility and have had some long weeks. As a planner, I schedule my time and prepare for the week in advance, but the thing about being a lawyer is that you can’t always predict when a client will email with a question, a pleading will be filed that needs a response, or an order will be issued that needs attention. This part of my job—the uncertainty—is difficult for a type A planner like myself. 

I have often struggled with worry and feelings of being overwhelmed, but this year God has provided for me in small and big ways. I have prayed for the Lord to take control of my schedule, work out every item on my to do list for His purpose and in His timing, and for the Spirit’s help in trusting God. He has answered my prayers. For instance, as trivial as it sounds, He has helped me wake up very early some mornings to get a task done, which only prepared me and opened up my day’s schedule for an unexpected meeting that came up later in the day. I did not know the meeting would be scheduled, but He did. This has happened multiple times, in addition to many other ways He has answered my prayers about small daily tasks and bigger, longer-term items. 

In this, God has been teaching me to trust Him daily. I do not need to worry about tomorrow because He knows what will happen and is in control. He has exhibited His provision and faithfulness to me countless times and I can trust Him. Remember that in the wilderness, God did not provide the Israelites with bountiful crops for them to harvest whenever they pleased at a moment’s notice. Instead, God provided them manna and quail daily and just the right amount for that day’s needs (Exodus 16). The Israelites had to trust God and so do I. And I’m learning that at the end of each day, instead of fretting over tomorrow’s tasks, I should reflect on how God answered my prayers and provided for that day’s needs. What a way to foster a grateful heart! 

This year I am also learning that the purpose of waiting seasons is not only to teach us to trust in God. Nor is the purpose of a growing season to only sanctify us. Rather, waiting and growing seasons are also one way in which God pursues us in love. In our waiting and growth, the enemy would like us to believe we are alone and being punished. He would like us to compare our season of life to others so that we get bogged down in feelings of discontentment and fail to see God’s blessing in our lives. But God has not forgotten us (Deuteronomy 31:6) and in our waiting and growing season He is relentlessly pursuing us. In these seasons, He is telling us that because He loves us so much, He does not want us to be stuck in our sin and struggles and He is working in our hearts to mold us to be more like Christ. We can trust that He is working all things together for our good (Romans 8:28). I’m thankful for God’s relentless pursual of me in love.

And lastly, this year I have seen how God works through believers to reach us, love us, and share the Gospel. Pastor Brad says it often, that God will do more through you than to you, and this rings true. This year I had the pleasure of completing GraceWay’s discipleship course. I grew not only in my knowledge and understanding of key foundations and practices of my faith, but also was blessed by the fellowship with my discipleship partner. She listened to me, shared her experiences and advice, and prayed for me. And this year my mom and I have dedicated time each week to pray with one another. Our time in fellowship has been such a blessing to not only connect and grow with my mom, but also with God. Through the faithful prayers of my mom and discipleship partner, God has poured out His love and encouragement to me through them. 

I have also seen friends and family members grow in their relationship with God this year. Because of connections friends and family members are making with other Christians, I have seen people in my life participate more actively in Bible studies, memorize Scripture, read the Word more, and grow closer to Christ. And during a recent trip to visit a friend for her law school graduation, I learned that her husband is actively preaching the Gospel to his non-believing friends and doing Bible studies with them. Hearing this news from friends and family members makes me overjoyed to see God working in hearts and making disciples who He will work through.  

One final note on God’s omniscience, daily provision, and work through believers to share the Gospel. I originally wrote this article (i.e., everything but this and the next paragraph) during an early morning visit to Starbucks. The article was complete, and I was about to leave to pick up family who were visiting that weekend. As I was packing up my stuff, I decided I had enough time to complete part of my daily Bible reading before I had to pick up my family. So I took out my Bible again and started reading. A few minutes later a young man came up to me, saw I was reading my Bible, and asked if we could talk about my faith. My answers to his questions were far from perfect, but in response to his misgivings about God sending His own son to earth to die, I was able to say the most important point: that God loves us so much that He humbled himself and sent His Son to earth to be a human among us and pay the penalty for our sin, a price we could never pay. 

I believe everything I wrote about in this reflection that morning—God’s omniscience, daily provision, and work through believers to share the Gospel—culminated in speaking with this young man. I did not know when I went to Starbucks that morning that I would meet this man. But God did. I did not know that morning that I would be sharing the Gospel. But God did. And I do not know if our discussion meant anything to him. But God does. God knew what would happen that morning at Starbucks and He ensured I stayed in my seat so I would read the Word and speak to this young man. He provided the Words for me to say in the moment and used me as a vessel to share the Gospel. And I can trust in the power of God’s Word and that God will do the work in that young man’s heart (Isaiah 55:12).

What has God taught and showed you so far this year? What I have shared is only one small part of God’s handiwork in 2024. Take some time to reflect and I’m certain you too will see God’s provision and love touching you and others throughout your 2024 thus far. 

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