Musings and Meditations by the GraceWay Family

The Art of Waiting

By Worth Loving | March 3, 2023

My father and grandfather are two of the most patient men I have ever known. Unfortunately, that trait didn’t get passed down to me. It’s not that it wasn’t taught but that I couldn’t seem to apply it. I always found it difficult to wait as a child and still do as an adult. But…

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Little Is Much

By Worth Loving | March 26, 2022

How to Have Mustard Seed, Mountain Moving Faith Have you ever struggled to have faith in God? Perhaps you’ve been praying for months or even years for healing of a loved one, restoration of a broken friendship, or provision of a spouse. I know I have. As time passes, we often become discouraged at what…

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A Year of Hope

By Worth Loving | March 10, 2022

Hope is a powerful factor. It motivates one to move forward and look ahead, even in the most extenuating of circumstances. It keeps one focused on a goal, no matter how discouraging the current results might be. It is the hope of eternal life that gets the downcast Christian out of bed in the morning…

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God is Glorious

By Pastor Brad Wells | March 5, 2022

There is a sacred connection between the holiness of God and His glory. Holiness is His nature; glory is the response of all of nature in the presence of His holiness. Glory is not light, yet conducts it. It was the shine in Moses’ face after all the goodness of God passed before him. It…

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