The GraceWay

GraceWay offers 4 different Bible study tracts that help Christians at varying stages of their Christian life to grow and develop further in their faith.


Track #1

For new believers, this class delves into the foundations of our faith and why we believe the Bible is God's inspired Word.


Track #2

Grow Together. For anyone seeking membership at GraceWay. Discover our purpose, faith, and life statements. Led by Pastor Brad and Deborah on the first Sunday of most months.


Track #3

Grow Strength. Eight lessons to help you grow deep in Christ. It starts with the five habits of every disciple of Jesus--Bible reading, prayer, faithful church attendance, giving and sharing your faith. Also targets problem areas of study habits, overcoming vices, and forgiving others.


Track #4

Grow Vision. We are called not only to believe and belong but also to go beyond our comfort zone and serve others! Every member is a minister at GraceWay and this class will help you discover your spiritual gifting for development and deployment.