May/June 2022


May/June 2022


Dear Family and Friends,


It is always such a thrill to see a local church exercising the things which the Scriptures either command it to do or suggest for it to do.  On the first Sunday of June, the Bingerville church was able to ordain three new deacons giving the church a total of six.  As a part of the Sunday morning service, we went through a time of doctrinal and practical questioning of these candidates elected by the church body.  These men were able to demonstrate good Scriptural knowledge and understanding.  After the questioning, the three previous deacons and I prayed over these three new deacons individually dedicating them for this service.




As well, we had the privilege of baptizing six converts into the membership of the Bingerville church in the morning service.  Three men and three women ranging from 18 to 56 years old.  It was a pleasure to exercise this church ordinance.  In the evening, we celebrated the Lord's Supper.  The six deacons assisted me in directing this service and church ordinance.



This church has already reached autonomy in many different aspects.  Once our construction is complete and our future pastor has completed his training, it will be terrific to officially grant autonomy to this church.


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