Mach Family
May/June 2020
Dear Family and Friends,
In March of 2015, I had to begin a legal process in the Ivory Coast in order to protect our mission.  This process concerned some land that BIMI had obtained back in the 80’s.  The first set of hearings lasted two years followed by an appeal that lasted a year.  We received favorable verdicts in both and proceeded to apply for the title in the new land title system.
It was at this point that we learned that a national pastor had bribed the land office and was in possession of our title.  Given that this title process was new, there was no way at that point in time to get a duplicate.  We had to get the actual title back from that national pastor.  We had been pursuing this since May of 2018, and it seemed as though we were making no progress.  Through the intervention of one of our Bingerville church deacons, we received the title back in the middle of May.  This completes five years of legal proceedings that were costly and stressful.
Please continue to pray that we can lift the block that we put on the sale of the land (so that the national pastor holding the title could not sell it), and then be able to sell the land for our own construction needs.
One advantage to furlough is that it allows us to schedule medical appointments to keep up with our health.  In so doing, we have learned that Becky has a thyroid nodule whose biopsy indicates that it is “suspicious.”  We are following the specialist’s suggestion in having it removed, and this will take place on July 15.  If the nodule is proven cancerous, than all of Becky’s thyroid will be removed followed by six weeks of treatment.
I had hoped for a July return to the field completing this furlough, but clearly this circumstance may delay this.  We will keep you posted as to the developments.
1.  The sale of the land in Yopougon, Abidjan
2.  Our family’s health
3.  Our son, Bob’s, wedding on July 10.


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