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November/December 2021


The year 2021 was certainly a challenging year for us as it was for all of you.  The pandemic made our travel as well as the travel of those who came to visit us very difficult.  Our having to move from the home where we had lived for 21 years came suddenly and unexpectedly.  The move was very difficult, and I have done all of 2021 without an office.  As well, my father’s passing and our return for his funeral were all things that made this year challenging.  Despite these challenges, there have been many things for which we are quite thankful.


Sale of the Yopougon Property

We were finally able to complete the sale on this property.  This has been an ongoing situation since late 2014.  We have passed through many legal battles, many complications, and many threats as well.  However, the Lord has allowed for the sale, and we have received the proceeds which will be used to further the ministry here.


Direction for the Zanapledougou Church

Although this is not a permanent solution just yet, we will be positioning our brother Isaac Koné, in the north of our country to continue work with the Zanapledougou church.  I plan to return there in February to help the church and begin more construction on the property.  We are still hoping for a more permanent solution, but this one should help us through the first few months of 2022.


Spiritual Growth of our people

During three weeks, our Bingerville church was involved in four major events.  On November 27, we celebrated the marriage of a couple in our church of which the groom has been a member since the very beginning of the church.  The following week, our church hosted the Pastoral Conference for all our pastors in the country.  The following week, our church hosted the class “Organization and Administration of the Local Church” for the Bible Institute.  The following week, more than twenty of our people joined with our church from Grand Bassam to establish a new church in the city of Jacqueville where we accomplished three medical days and much evangelism in the neighborhoods.  Despite all this activity, everyone was in place on Sunday morning, December 19, to begin our Christmas celebration.  It is amazing to see the competence and dedication of our Bingerville church members.


Covid 19 effects

Despite news from around the world, Covid 19 has yet to touch any aspect of our ministry other than the effects of the original lockdown.  No member from any of the three churches we have started has had covid.  No member knows anyone who has had covid.  As of December 23, 2021, the Ivory Coast has suffered only 706 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, and many feel that statistic is inflated.  It appears that it is the foreigners and Ivoirian affluent who are affected without that reaching the general population.  We are living free of the effects of the actual illness.


Thanks to the Lord for these great answers to prayer.  It is a privilege to represent you here in Ivory Coast.



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