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Dear Pastors, family, and friends,
Thank you for praying for our family and the continuing work in Papua New Guinea, especially during these unusual times.


May 2020

Although there are only 5 “suspected” cases of COVID-19 in Papua New Guinea as of this date, the national government has implemented a SOE (State of Emergency) where they have drastically reduced all travel into and out of the country. Because Western Province is a border province the measures have been especially rigid there. Much like here in America, schools have been closed as well as churches. We rejoice, however, that BibleFM-Western has been able to fill in the gap. We are pleased that Daru Baptist Church has been able to minister to our community through regular preaching via the airwaves.

USA TRAVELS: Cancelations
It has been an interesting two months navigating two unfortunate events.

  1. Motorhome Totaled: After traveling 11,000 miles in three months, our motorhome was “totaled” by our insurance. We did not have an accident but an incident that caused the frame to bend and twist. The insurance deemed it unsafe to travel with and so paid us out. We were distressed at losing our home on wheels, but thankful to be able to recoup most of the value of it.
  2. COVID-19: Losing our motorhome happened in the beginning of March while we were in New York, just as the country was locking down and churches were canceling their services. As a result, we made the decision to return to our home church in San Diego while we regrouped and figured out what to do next. In the meantime, we found another motorhome in San Diego similar to the other... but better. We are always amazed at how God seems to provide and care for us!

I will be traveling back to PNG for two months in mid June. There are several water bores to drill in new villages as well as the need to follow up on the churches. The most pressing item at this time is land. PLEASE PRAY that I can see the right people to get this sorted out.

On this short trip I have a pastor’s son traveling with me as well as a young couple. They are seeking God’s will for their futures; perhaps it will be in PNG. PLEASE PRAY for God to reveal His will to them. The harvest is GREAT but the laborers are FEW — everywhere!


  • Information: $5,000 (Teaching Materials)
  • Construction: $50,000
  • Expansion: $100,000 - $58,000
    We rejoice in the completion of the Transportation project! God provided us two KubotaRTVs to take back to PNG. During this “down time” I flew out to North Carolina, rented a
    truck, and drove across the country gathering more equipment along the way. We have been
    purchasing equipment with what has been given so far, but there is still much to be done before we load a container in October. PLEASE PRAY about what God would have you to do in regards to the “PNG Projects”.As the Lord leads, all project gifts can be designated, “PNG Projects” at our support address.


(619) 597-8102



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