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Thank you for praying for us through the last two months - they have been something else!

Living the Dream!  

July 2021

For 15 years I have been waiting for this day! As we prepared to move to the bush back in 2005, God gave me a vision for my future ministry. It went something like this:

• Win the Lost to Christ
• Plant the Wipim Baptist Church
• Start a Bible School, to train men and women for ministry
• Ordain one of the male students as the Pastor
• Teach in the Bible School Monday-Wednesday
• Begin traveling on the weekends with some students to establish new churches.

Well, we have finally gotten to this place! All of the churches now have national pastors who have graduated from our Bible Schools in Wipim or Daru. I am now teaching Bible School Monday - Wednesday to 5 third-year students, and Pastor Kambin is taking the 10 first-year students. I am also traveling on the weekends. So far, I have visited all of the new works and am looking forward to getting to new villages soon.

Suffering through a Nightmare!

While visiting one of the new churches in Boze Village, I felt unwell.

We had traveled by dinghy for 2 hours on the open sea and up a narrow river to get there. The plan was to help the pastor with some physical work and then preach on Sunday. He needed some trees cut down and a pit toilet dug and built. Three Bible school students were with me for this weekend. We also delivered to him the Sunday school material that you all gave towards for these new church plants.

As soon as we arrived, my head was pounding, and I found my urine had turned brown! For three days I kept taking Tylenol to keep the fevers down and to keep going. After the Sunday morning service, I told the pastor I needed to get back to Daru. The weather was rough and the waves were high, but we made it before the evening service.

When I got my blood tested in Daru, I was expecting it to be Malaria, but after two negative tests, we decided I better get to a better hospital. The end of the story is that I contracted Leptospirosis. Somehow rat urine got into my system. I spent 9 days admitted to the hospital with massive headaches and fevers. My liver is damaged, but we are working on repairing that now. I am still very weak, but with Ana’s great care, I am getting stronger every day.

Thank you so much to all of you who were aware and have been praying for healing. We are in awe of your love and concern!

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