March/April 2022

Prayer: As many of you know, our Little Fish Ministries teammates, Brent and Selina Bergey's 17-year-old son, Nathaniel, was flown back to the US due to being diagnosed with an aggressive form of pediatric lymphoma. Over the past few weeks, Nathaniel has undergone significant bowel surgery, an international flight post-surgery, several cancer procedures, and multiple rounds of chemo. Nathaniel will continue with his chemo treatments for a few more months. We ask you to pray for Nathaniel's health and his family as they navigate these difficult times.

Projections: Our target time for arriving in South Africa WAS August of this year; however, we are moving our departure to mid-June due to Nathaniel's medical situation. This will allow the Bergey Family to be together and enable the ministry to continue simultaneously. We are thrilled and humbled by the response at most churches to our ministry. We have gained eight new supporting churches in the past two months and expect more to join us soon. We are currently at 92% of our needed support to leave for South Africa. Along with our monthly support, we are also saving for our setup fund for our arrival in the country as we will move with only our clothes and minimal essential items. These funds we save up will be what we need to make significant purchases soon after arriving in the country. Since we are leaving a few months ahead of schedule, we will not be able to save additional monies needed for that setup fund.

Praises: We are very thankful for safety on the roads as we have driven over 7,000 miles these last two months! We are also grateful for a completely packed schedule and that we had the privilege to share our ministry, sing, or preach at 17 different churches throughout March and April.

Personal: As you can imagine, the Bergey family has been under tremendous pressure with building projects in South Africa, emotional strain as their family is spread on two continents, all while Nathaniel is undergoing chemotherapy treatments. With leaving for the field in less than six weeks, we are asking our supporters to pray for a few special things.

  • To reach 100% support before leaving
  • Travel mercies for our mid-June Departure
  • Wisdom for decisions
  • Setup funds raised