Nights of Service and Sleeplessness

This last week had been incredibly eventful! Pastor Leslee and his wife Betty asked my mom to do a ladies conference Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. Mom did an amazing job teaching on “Building a Home That Will Endure”. I ran the computer in the back, putting the verses and points on the screen; I now have a new appreciation for our audio/visual team having experienced some of the pressure they feel. 😄 On Friday night, I had a sleepover for the young girls of Bible Truth (our church here in Hagen). We had about twelve girls. I taught them how to play Apples to Apples, played hide-and-seek in the dark in the radio station, and learned “I Got Saved” (which we are singing Wednesday night for a special). In the process of staying up till 1:30, I got to share some of the things God is showing me about trusting Him.
Tomorrow morning we leave for Pangia. I’m looking forward to seeing my cousins and their work there again. Please continue to pray for safety! Have a blessed Sunday!