If You Believe, Say So

Romans 10

Paul had a crushing burden for his own people. Yes, he was the appointed apostle to the Gentiles, but he could not forget his Jewish brethren. He went so far as to wish himself damned if they could be saved. In this Paul showed us the depth of concern we must have for the lost world. (verse one)

The Jews had been dealt a great advantage which Paul delineates in verses three and four of chapter nine. They had been adopted out of all nations and granted glory, God’s covenant, the law, the service of the temple, the promises, and, mostly importantly, the Messiah, Jesus Christ. (verse two)

Yet, instead of humbly accepting God’s plan by faith, they ignorantly tried to please Him with their good works. Clutching willfully to tradition, they missed salvation. (verse three)

Paul pointed out that we cannot please God through self-righteousness. He uses the illustration of ascending into heaven or descending into the deep in verses six and seven of chapter ten. Righteousness does not come by ascending—an experience, a revelation, or a pilgrimage. Nor can you attain it through discipline, sacrifice, or even in purgatory. Neither self-exaltation or self-deprivation pleases God. (verses 4-7)

“But what saith it?” Paul asks. The word is nigh thee. It is imminent! It is in our mouth and in our heart. The righteousness of God is revealed as the word of faith is preached. Once we understand that Christ died and rose again in our place, we must believe and declare it. (verse eight)

Immediately, at this act of faith, God imputes His righteousness to the receiver. The heart believes, the mouth speaks, and God grants salvation. It is as simple as that! (verses 9-10)

The ongoing fruit of salvation is confidence for the future. We will never be disappointed or ashamed for believing upon Him. The reward of God’s righteousness increases throughout eternity. (verses 11-13)

The simplicity of the Gospel establishes the importance of preaching it. God’s righteousness is revealed “from to faith to faith”, as Romans 1:17 states. As the “word of faith” is preached, faith is activated in the heart of the hearer. Therefore, let us preach the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ to every person. (verses 14-17)

As it is written, “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (verse 13)