GraceWay Runners

Calling ALL runners AND walkers to join us for an hour of fellowship & fitness in the GraceWay Runners Ministry!! 

This ministry of Graceway Baptist Church brings together people who have an interest in fitness and outreach.  In addition to gathering like-minded people together for fitness, this group also provides an opportunity to share the Gospel with people who would be willing to meet a church-affiliated group in the context of a run, but who would otherwise shun, or outright refuse, attending church.  

Meeting Time & Place

We meet on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm next to the U.S. Capitol Building Reflecting Pool at the corner of 3d Street and Constitution Avenue, NW.  Parking is available.  For those who want to Metro, the nearest stops are Capitol South or Smithsonian, a few blocks from the meeting place.   

Who Can Participate?

Anyone who wants to go for a run OR walk!  However, please visit a doctor before your first run if it has been a while since you participated in vigorous activity or if you have known, or suspected, health problems. Better safe than sorry!  

What Is The Format?

We will begin with a short Bible lesson, followed by a prayer.  Once that’s concluded, participants will depart at will and run/walk the monuments!  Typically, we run/walk to the Washington Monument and back.  Upon our return, we enjoy cookies and water before we dismiss in prayer and go our separate ways. 


Run safe, run smart!  Wear highly visible (or reflective) clothing, run in groups when possible, obey the traffic signals and keep your ears open.  Leave the ear buds at home and enjoy the sounds of early evening DC instead.  


All runners who run with Graceway Gliders acknowledge that running is a potentially hazardous activity. By reading this waiver runners acknowledge that they should not participate in any running program unless they are medically able.  Each runner assumes all risks associated with running including, but not limited to, falls, contact with others, weather effects, road and traffic conditions, impact to the course associated with poor lighting, and all such risks being known, or which should be known, and appreciated by each runner.  Having read this waiver and knowing these facts you for yourself, and anyone entitled to act on your behalf, waive and release Graceway Baptist Church and all participants acting in an organizational or leadership role from all claims or liabilities of any kind arising from participation in this activity, even though that liability may arise from negligence or carelessness on the part of the individual.