Goodbyes and Blessings

The last service (Wednesday Night prayer meeting) with our church was so sweet! The youth girls and I sang “I Got Saved” together. I greatly enjoyed learning that together with them!
We left this morning to return to Port Moresby. Goodbyes are always hard, but I’m hoping and praying I’ll be able to visit again soon for a longer time. One of the things I wanted to see while in Moresby was the haus sik (hospital) where I was born. I’ve never been there. God worked it out so perfectly that a doctor from a church nearby was our chauffeur around the city and we were able to make a quick stop and photo in front of the labor ward. We also were able to visit the new building they are putting up for the APEC meeting PNG is hosting in November.
God has taught me so much this trip to PNG. I was nervous I would not be able to fit in or remember the language well. God really blessed and I was able to fit right back into everything, including going barefoot all day long. 😂