God’s Peace Child

God’s Peace Child

Romans 5

It was only a stalk of sugar cane stolen from a neighbor’s garden, but the fight that ensued left a man dead and the battle began. Much blood was shed before the government stepped in and drove the warring clans from their land. For ten years the land lay silent, mourning its loss. No crops were planted, no houses rebuilt, no happy children were seen playing in the village street.

As I began praying for property on which to build a mission station, a leader of the Jikker Kamp tribe approached me. Would I be willing to purchase “Po Mi”, the land of the “forbidden sugar cane”, and help restore peace to his tribe?

Fifteen years later, on the very land that received the blood of many men, a church and radio station proclaim the gospel of peace twenty-four hours every day. Houses and gardens dot the hillside all around the mission station. The Jikker Kamp are a living testimony to the power of the Prince of Peace.

Think back with me to the the beginning of time. One man in a garden took a forbidden fruit and the struggle began. By one man’s disobedience, the entire human race was condemned. Man had declared war on God.

But God loved His creation. So much so that while we were still warring against Him, He sent His Peace Child to provide conditions of peace. Our rebellion in sin required death and Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son, paid that price. Today if we will turn from sin and accept His conditions by faith, we may enter into His land of peace for eternity.

The obedience of One laid the foundation for our justification before God. Our ability to be right with God rests firmly and only on the work of Jesus Christ.

However, the fruit of Christ’s sacrifice is manifold. Now, because of Christ, we have: 1) Peace with God,  2) Access to the throne of God,  3) Joy with Confidence, 4) Glory even in trouble, 5) the Love of God filling our hearts, 6) Security for eternity, and 7) Fellowship with God.

What an amazing testament to power of the Prince of Peace. Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound. As sin reigned, bringing death, may grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord!