Fire in the Night

“Fire!” We were awakened this morning around 4:30 by one of the boys who live on the Pangia station banging on the door. The print shop at the mission station had caught fire and was the filling the building with thick black smoke. Praise the Lord, one of the boys fell asleep in the library (probably something I would do) located on the floor above the print shop and smelled the smoke in the middle of the night. The fire, which appears to have been electrical, did not do as much damage as it could have, but everything is covered in black smoke residue. Pray for them as they try to get everything back up and running!
Mom and I had a wonderful time in Pangia catching up with family and seeing all the changes on the station. I got to teach reading time in my cousin Amber’s 1st Grade class of 41 students. It was rather comical trying to explain a cute English story of an antelope family in Pidgin.
I can’t believe we only have one more day left in the Highlands! Time has flown by.