Finally Home

We arrived back in Mt. Hagen on Friday and have been trying to figure out how to post since we don’t have wifi or service.
It is strange being back in the house where I cherish so many childhood memories. The weekend was full of hugs and telling stories of the happenings of the last four years. And of course, everyone exclaiming, “Yu longpela stret!” (You’re so tall!)
It was disappointing finding out about many of the young people I grew up with have left the church, but a great encouragement to see so many going strong. One of the boys that was one of my brothers best friends, Adrian, is now the song leader! I was able to teach the youth girls Sunday school class. I’d never taught older girls before, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! What a treat it was to be able to listen to preaching in Tok Pisin. God has greatly blessed the church here with unity and spiritual growth.
Monday we got to catch up with my Uncle Chad and Aunt Kirsten who are missionaries in Pangia, Southern Highlands Province (about 2 and a half hour drive from us). We are planning on spending next Monday through Wednesday there with them.
Thank you all so much for your prayers!