Chasing the Sunlight

As I write we are flying over the Pacific Ocean. It’s supposedly 2:30pm (we are flying north of Honolulu), but my internal clock says it’s almost 9pm and it feels like it has been sunny for way too long! It is strange not seeing a sunset for over 26 hours!

God has been so amazing to us throughout today. This morning we left the house a little before 5am to insure we would not miss our 7:15 flight. Besides parking in the wrong terminal and other such small diversions, things went rather smoothly until our plane needed to change a light bulb before taking off. (How many flight attendants does it take to change a light bulb?) After over two hours on the tarmac, we finally took off. The slight catch was our layover was only 2.5 hours in LA.  The pilot made up some time, so when we landed we at least had an hour and 10 minutes to retrieve our luggage, check in, reenter security on the international side, and make our flight. Somehow our airline closed their counter before the cutoff time so we came to the conclusion we had missed our flight and would try to rebook for the next one. We prayed and ran to the information desk to see if they could help us. They redirected us to a lady named Lanah who literally was our “miracle worker”, holding the entire plane for 35 minutes as we ran around crazily getting lots of exercise before the 14-hour flight. We felt like royalty as we trotted down the jetway with about 10 crew members greeting us very warmly. All aura of regality dissipated as we walked into the plane and 100+ people grudging stared, saying with their eyes, “Are you who we’ve been waiting for?” This moment is in the top ten “most embarrassing moments of life” for sure! We ended up sitting next to a elderly woman whom we learned was the very first passenger aboard…and we were the last.  Mom and I believe your prayers are what got us on this flight and saved us a ton of money and time. Thank you, and please keep praying!!