Back to My Jungle

I was born and raised (till 14) on an island in the South Pacific named Papua New Guinea. My family and I moved to Washington, D.C. in July of 2014 to start GraceWay Baptist Church on Capitol Hill. I love living in this city with its constant media attention, hectic life routines, and ridiculous amounts of tourists, but I do miss the rainforest I was raised in with its mud, bugs, and simplicity. Only my dad has been able to travel back to check in on the radio station and Bible Truth Baptist Church, the church we started there. However, God has opened the door for my mom and I to go back for a visit for my senior missions trip! Tomorrow, I will be flying out of WDC to make the trip I’ve dreamt about for so long!

Right now we are cramming to download programs and new music to reboot the radio station and gathering fun (light ;-)) gifts to take back for friends. I’m very excited about what God will teach me through this trip!