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If You Believe, Say So

Romans 10 Paul had a crushing burden for his own people. Yes, he was the appointed apostle to the Gentiles, but he could not forget his Jewish brethren. He went so far as to wish himself damned if they could be saved. In this Paul showed us the depth of concern we must have for…

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Steering Clear of Legalism

Romans 7I purchased my first 4×4 truck when I was eighteen. On the weekends, especially after a good rain, I would head to the Rocky Mountains above the Treasure Valley in Boise, Idaho for some intense exploring on forgotten logging roads. The sandy soil tended to produce huge ruts from rain and snow melt and…

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God’s Peace Child

God’s Peace Child Romans 5 It was only a stalk of sugar cane stolen from a neighbor’s garden, but the fight that ensued left a man dead and the battle began. Much blood was shed before the government stepped in and drove the warring clans from their land. For ten years the land lay silent,…

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