Landing in Paradise

Looking out at the mountains around me brings back so many fond memories. I’ve forgotten how much I love the mountains covered with banana trees, palm trees and a bunch of other tropical looking trees that I don’t know the names to, but recognize…we don’t have many of those in D.C. 🙂

We left last night from Manila, Philippines at midnight (D.C.’s noon). We were able to get a about 4-5 hours of sleep throughout the 33 hours of travel (you can’t tell in our pictures, can you?). We made it to Port Moresby (the city where I was born) this morning around 8. The smell, the people, and the weather…the feeling is so weird! It’s as if I am 14 again and never left. 

We will be leaving at 3:30pm for our final destination of Mt. Hagen, where our mission station is located, and where I and my siblings spent most of our growing up years.